USAID Twiyubake

Building Resilience, Addressing Vulnerability

Program overview

Global Communities is implementing the five-year USAID / PEPFAR funded Improved Services for Vulnerable Populations (ISVP) Program, known locally as USAID Twiyubake, with the goal of assisting 50,000 vulnerable households (around 250,000 children, youths and adults) in 12 administrative districts.

USAID Twiyubake is using a family centered approach aimed at reducing economic vulnerability, empowering parents to make investments to meet the unique needs of young children and adolescents, and providing health promotion and clinical-community linkages, in a process that the Government of Rwanda and local organizations can sustain over time. USAID Twiyubake program covers 12 districts and 92 sectors, and is divided into 3 zones.

USAID Twiyubake builds upon the recently completed USAID Higa Ubeho program ("be determined and live"), which assisted over 75,000 vulnerable households in 23 districts. Working in partnership with local authorities and civil society, more than 5,000 new community-based service points were established with the goal of increasing self-reliance – services which benefited both vulnerable households and the wider community.

Expected results 

  1. Families & communities provide healthy, nurturing, and engaging environments for vulnerable young children.
  2. Adolescents transition safely into adulthood.
  3. Family economic vulnerability decreased.
  4. Communities provide essential preventative and protective services to vulnerable families and children.

Implementation approach 

Global Communities is using a cascading approach through local civil society organizations and community based volunteers. 



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