500Theogene Nizeyimana Duterimbere youth savings group member named Burera 2Theogene Nizeyimana is 29 years old. He lives with his wife, son and three younger brothers in Cyanika Sector, Burera district. Since Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Rwanda (FXB) enrolled him in the USAID Twiyubake program in June 2016, he is member of the Duterimbere integrated savings and lending youth group. Theogene explained how his life changed in a very short time: “In the saving meetings, we were trained on financial education. After three months of savings, I borrowed Rwf 39,000 (US $ 48.75) to rent a shop to sell irish potatoe seeds and gained Rwf 80,000 (US $ 100) within three months. I reimbursed the loan and applied for another loan of Rwf 130,000 (US $ 162) to expanded my business to sell irish potatoes, pesticides and different products needed by farmers. I bought a plot on which I plan to build my own house. After one year in the program, I have a capital of Rwf 400,000 (US$ 500). I earn Rwf 20,000 (US $ 25) per day and I am able to provide food and health insurance for the entire household, my brother went back to school.

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