David grew up in Kigali, Kanombe where he married his spouse. After bearing their three children, they moved to Nyagombe village in Kayonza where they bought a house in the community settlement and a 30*20 m land plot next to a marshland.

His wife left him 3 years ago. David explained that she seemed not have accepted to live in the countryside. Since then he had to care for his 3 children on his own.

In 2016, David enrolled into the USAID Twiyubake program. He attended the training on ECD and volunteered as a caregiver in the Twiyubake ECD center in Juru which is at an one hour walking distance from his village. “The walking distance was a challenge especially when the rain was falling, I had to carry the children from our village so that they could get there. My youngest daughter was attending the ECD center at that time when I was a caregiver. She went to primary 1 last January”, he explained.

In May 2017, YWCA established playgroups in villages with high numbers of children enrolled into the USAID Twiyubake program. Since then, David is volunteering as a caregiver at the Turereneza Nyabombi Gahini playgroup in his village. The village office offered a room for the playgroup. The children in the playgroup are coming from the three neighboring villages. The playgroup is operating from 8 am to 10 am from Monday to Friday and accommodating children from 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 years.

“After volunteering in the playgroup, I go home and cook for my three children, who are in primary 1, 2, and 3. They all received school materials from the program. A CMV visits me once a week to follow up on my household. He helped me to establish a balanced diet for the children. I am very grateful for the program as it helped me to love my children much more and to be aware on how to take good care of them”, he stated.

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