On October 13th, 2017, the Marriott hotel offered a two-hour study tour to 30 USAID Twiyubake supported hotel management Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) student from Ecole Technique Muhazi and Butamwa Vocational Training Center. The visit was intended to allow TVET students to become familiar with 5 star hotel settings and strengthen their theoretical background. The TVET students visited the hotel’s operation departments and got an overview of its international history and worldwide business.

Rex A.G. Nijhof, General Manager of the Marriott Hotel was grateful to receive the young students for the study tour. He encouraged them to work very hard as this is the way to achieve a great carrier. He informed that their Human Resource office is open for online recruitments and encouraged the young students to apply for a job.

The Marriott Hotel is currently present in 30 countries.

“It was a great opportunity to see how a 5 star hotel is operating. I appreciated the most the room visit as the rooms have a lot of features and accessories which are good to know. The visit definitely helped me to be better prepared for my current internship. I also liked the motivation to always work hard. If you work hard you get confidence to achieve a lot. My favorite lesson in the hotel management studies was culinary art. I am proud to be in the hotel business industry as it is a field with a lot of potential jobs. My dream is to run a fast food restaurant”, Diane, 21 years, living in Nyakabanda sector, Nyarugenge district.

“I loved the Marriott study tour as it opened my eyes. I liked most the room visit as housekeeping is my favorite area. I like esthetics and when everything is tidy. I am really grateful for the TVET training I am going to accomplish. Now I know how to cook. I was used to cook at home but the new recipes and especially the spices we used in the training are very different. Working in a high class hotel would be the ideal as you gain so much knowledge. My dream is to get a job in a hotel, have a nice life and support my family”. Pascaline, 23 years old, living in Mageragere sector, Nyarugenge district.

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