David T., 24 years, is living in Nyamasheke district, Cyato sector, Bisumo Cell, Munini village. He is member of the USAID Twiyubake youth saving group and is gratefull for the training on workforce readiness he received where he was taught about job creation out of small investments. He used to consider himself as the poorest in the village and often asked himself how to get out of this poverty.

He had 15,000 Rwf from a job he used to do and borrowed 30,000 Rwf from the saving group. With 45,000 Rwf, he opened a small barber shop in November 2016 and signed a contract with Mobisol Rwanda Ltd to purchase a solar powered shaver, a solar panel and a battery for 150,000 Rwf to be paid within one year in monthly installments of 12,500 Rwf.

He then rented a house to start the business. His business became profitable, he earned 15,000 Rwf per month, paid back 12,500 Rwf and saved 2,500 Rwf per month. He has already cleared all the loans from the saving group and Mobisol Rwanda Ltd and was able to save 30,000 Rwf after one year in the saving group. He is expecting to increase his saving share in 2018.

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