Jean Marie M. is a 36 years old father of 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. He is living in Myatino village, Urugarama cell, Gahini sector, Kayonza district. Jean Bosco is a USAID Twiyubake program beneficiary and also a community based volunteer (CBV) overseeing saving groups. He also coordinates all CBVs in his cell.

During the ISLG sessions, Jean Marie gained a lot of skills and knowledge about business development especially from the community finance initiative trainings. This increased his aspirations to start a business.

When the USAID Twiyubake program switched from cash payment to online transfer for payments, program beneficiaries opened a mobile money account to receive those payments.

Jean Marie saw an opportunity to start a fruitful business as a mobile money agent. He bought a phone for Rwf 15,000 (US $ 17) using the money he had got from selling his vegetables from the kitchen gardens at his house. He took a loan of Rwf 25,000 (US $ 29) from his saving group Inshuti z’umurimo, and took Rwf 55,000 (US $ 64) he earned from his banana and maize yield.

He started with a capital of Rwf 80,000 (US $ 94) and shortly afterwards, he got 20 customers. His capital increased quickly because he transferred the money for many Twiyubake beneficiaries. He now has reached an operating capital of Rwf 200,000 (US $ 234).

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