“Before I came to the club, I was not obeying my parents, I was difficult. I used to spend my money on drinks. I felt that I could not sit with a girl and talk to her.

Then the community based volunteers (CBV) who is our neighbor invited me to join a youth club. This day, when I joined the club, they had a lesson about drugs. After the session, I went home and felt that it did not touch me. I thought that these people may be crazy. But as the time passed, I attended, I started to like it.

I progressively changed. After receiving good lessons, I felt satisfied, I changed, I started to learn the lessons, and learned to work, socializing, with others, and liking others. I approached my former friends and taught them lessons, three attended the club. I became the president of the youth club.

The best teaching are how to avoid drugs, HIV prevention and STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and love in general, but on top of all, I learned the importance of working and to improve my life economically.

My message to the youth is that we are still at the beginning, we should work together, work with commitment which will lead us to achievements and improve our life.

I thank everybody who had the idea to start the USAID Twiyubake youth club, the one who taught us, the person who made me change and the group members, we are holding together to get where we are."

Emile M. 21 years, President of the Twiyubake youth club in Huye district, Huye sector.

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