Vedaste grew up in a very poor family of five children in Kibilizi village, Rusagara cell, Mbazi sector, Huye District.

He was enrolled in USAID Twiyubake Program in 2016 and joined a Twiyubake supported youth savings group. He also attended work readiness training delivered by DUHMIC ADRI, USAID Twiyubake’s implementing partner in Huye district. As results of joining the savings group and participating in various skills development activities, he started his own business that generates Rwf 20,000 (US$ 23) per month.

Vedaste explained the whole process he went through to become a self-reliant person: “In the youth saving group, I took a loan of Rwf 3,000 (US$ 3.5) to plant tomatoes. I earned Rwf 30,000 (US$ 35) from the first harvest. With this money, I bought two pigs for Rwf 20,000 (US$ 23) and used 10,000 Rwf (US$ 11.67) to plant eggplants. After harvesting the eggplants, I sold them for Rwf 60,000 (US$ 70) and bought a bicycle for Rwf 55,000 (US$ 64). I then thought that I needed a plot of land to expand vegetable farming. I decided to sell my pig for 40,000 Rwf (US$ 46), and added Rwf 40,000 (US$ 46) I obtained from the second harvest of eggplants, to buy a plot of land for Rwf 80,000 (US$ 93).”

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