In 2016, David enrolled into the USAID Twiyubake program. He attended the training for ECD volunteers and volunteered as a caregiver in the Twiyubake ECD center in Juru which was at an 1 hour walking distance from his village. “The walking distance was a challenge especially when the rain was falling, I had to carry the children from our village so that they could get there. My youngest daughter was attending the ECD center when I was a caregiver. She went in January into primary 1”, he explained.

Dativa, a 39 years old mother, was willing to provide her living room to establish a HBECD facility. “Dativa was already working as a caregiver since July 2016 at the Igihozo ECD center in Mwili sector. She understood very well the ECD concept. She was the one who approached us and informed that she would like to provide the living room of her house in which 15 children could be hosted. Dativa had already gained the trust of the village residents as she uses to sensitize in village meetings on child protection, against child labor and reminding parents to care for their children, explained David Karemera, Field Officer at YWCA.

The saving group Urugero Rwiza, Abadahigwa, Ejo Heza, and Abanyarukundo of the sectors Nyakabanda in Nyrugenge district celebrated their saving group shared out of the first year on August 30, 2017.

On Tuesday July 18th, the residents of Rubengera sector in Kayonza district celebrated the closing of a six-month national Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) campaign, facilitated by Global Communities USAID Twiyubake in collaboration with Eglise Presbytérienne au Rwanda (EPR). Sulfo Rwanda Industries supported the campaign under its corporate social responsibility with a donation of water drums, soap bars and drinking water.

The event under the theme: Your health is your concern: Drinking safe water, hand washing for proper hygiene, and use adequate sanitation accommodated 500 residents of Rubengera sector, Kibirizi cell and hosted representatives from USAID, Karongi district, Rubengera sector and Kibirizi cell.

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