On Tuesday July 18th, the residents of Rubengera sector in Kayonza district celebrated the closing of a six-month national Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) campaign, facilitated by Global Communities USAID Twiyubake in collaboration with Eglise Presbytérienne au Rwanda (EPR). Sulfo Rwanda Industries supported the campaign under its corporate social responsibility with a donation of water drums, soap bars and drinking water.

The event under the theme: Your health is your concern: Drinking safe water, hand washing for proper hygiene, and use adequate sanitation accommodated 500 residents of Rubengera sector, Kibirizi cell and hosted representatives from USAID, Karongi district, Rubengera sector and Kibirizi cell.

“When a USAID Twiyubake case management volunteer (CMV) began to visit us once a week, she encouraged us to go for an HIV testing and counselling. The results revealed that my husband is HIV positive while I and my children are negative. With the support of the CMV we got counselled on how to cope with the disease and my husband started taking ARTs. Although my husband is on treatment, our family is doing well. My four children received school materials and are all going to school”. Juliette M., enrolled in the USAID Twiyubake by Duhamic Adri in Huye District, Maraba Sector, Kanyinya Cell and Bwegera Village.

Abahuje saving group members celebrated share out event

"When AEE Rwanda​ enrolled us in the USAID Twiyubake program in June 2016, our saving group target for the first year was to save for a goat and a pig for each group member. We could not understand how we could reach the set target by saving only Rwf 200 per week and in addition cover basics needs at home. After one year, we organized a share-out event. We saved a total of Rwf 968,000 in the first year and each member bought a pig or a goat. We then decided to increase our weekly share to Rwf 400. In the past year I also expanded my vegetables and fruits business at the market and was able to cover basics needs at home. I timely paid the families health insurance for 2017 and my 3 children are attending school",  Mukamana, member of USAID Twiyubake Abahuje saving group.


Emmanuel at his houseNow I run my own business


“When DUHAMIC ADRI enrolled me in the USAID Twiyubake Duterimbere saving group, I took a loan to buy a pig and two hens. When I became a recipient of the conditional household grants, I increased weekly shares in my saving group and took a second loan to buy a bicycle. I started purchasing fruits and vegetables at a lower price from farmers in Karama center to sell them in Huye town. Now I earn at least Rwf 20,000 (US $ 24) per month from own business.” Aimable M., married, four children, living in Karama Sector, Huye district.

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