ISLG members Mariama Mpawera and Afusa Uwantege in front of Mariamas house Kayonza district received phones for conditional HHgrants 2Mariam Mahwera and Afisa Uwantege are both members of the savings group Dukundane. They were both enrolled into the USAID Twiyubake program in August 2016 by Young Women's Christian Association of Rwanda (YWCA). Since then, Mariam and Afusa attended every week the savings meeting. They are grateful for the training they received and happy to be integrated among the group members.

“Since we started attending the savings group, we were not able to provide our monthly share, but we came every week as we wanted to demonstrate our will”, explained Afisa. Mariam and Afisa both returned to Rwanda in 1994, they lived in exile for several decades and came from Uganda with their cattles to settle in Kayonza when the country was liberated. The cattle did not survive a severe draught in the year 2000, since then Mariam and Afisa moved into a community settlement provided by the government.

JIBU Corporate Rwanda Ltd doanted drinking water for residents of Kigali sector at World Water Day 3On March 28, 2017 the Kigali sector celebrated the International World Water Day under the theme drinking clean and treated water facilitated by Global Communities USAID Twiyubake in collaboration with the Rwanda Partner Organization African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE). JIBU Corporate Rwanda Ltd provided under its corporate social responsibility a donation of drinking water to the 2000 participants.

The event accommodating residents of Kigali sector at Mwendo Cell, Umutekano village was in line with the ongoing six months national WASH campaign which started on November 26th, 2016 and will close on April 26th, 2017, combining three international days (the World Water Day, Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day under the theme “Your health is your concern: Drinking safe water, hand washing for proper hygiene, and use of adequate sanitation”.

Dona Gakojo, in charge of Social Affairs at Kigali sector, recognized USAID Twiyubake’s support to the community and strongly encouraged the residents of Kigali sector attending the event to transmit the best hygiene practices to their neighbors and apply them in their households. They should strive to be shining example for the Nyarugenge district.

International Womens Day in Kayonza districtOn March 8, 2017, USAID Twiyubake celebrated the International Women’s Day in the 12 districts of program implementation under the national theme: “Munyarwandakazi, komeza usigasire agaciro wasubijwe” (Preserving the dignity regained), highlighting the remarkable achievements the country gained in women empowerment.

In Kayonza district, Rwanda Partner Organization Young Women's Christian Association of Rwanda (YWCA) joined the district in the celebration at Mwiri Sector, Kageyo cell, Rugeyo Village. The event attended by Members of Parliament, the District Council, the Mayor of Kayonza, Rwanda Defense Force and National Police representatives featured awareness raising on the existing GBV prevention and response services of the Isange One Stop Center and witnessed re-integration of the GBV victims as well as support to the most vulnerable members in the community. Women residing in the sector exhibited their products in agriculture, fashion, and handcraft.

ANTI HIV CAMPAIGN LAUNCH IN NYARUTARAMA GASABO DISTRICT supported by AEE USAID Twiyubake 2In line with the World Aids Day 2016 under the national theme “Get up all against HIV/AIDS-Still there”, a one week HIV/AIDS campaign has been supported by USAID Twiyubake in different program districts. A call for prevention, HIV testing and counselling and use of treatment services availed by the government.

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