On October 27th 2017, Gikomero sector celebrated the International Handwashing Day facilitated by USAID Twiyubake Global Communities and its implementing partner in Gasabo district African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE).

The event under the theme: Gukaraba Intoki Ejo Hacu Heza accommodated 500 residents from Rwimiyange village.

Perpetue N. is a community health worker working in Nyiramuko village, Cyivugiza, Muko, Musanze.

As a CHW she is in charge of issues around family planning, malaria, WASH and nutrition. Once a month she organizes the growth monitoring session and cooking demonstration in the village kitchen.


Pascasie T. is 23 years old, she lives with her mother and her 3 younger siblings in Ruryango Village, Mutunda cell of Mbazi sector in Huye District.

Her mother, a widow, was enrolled into the program in 2016 and Pascasie benefitted the youth services of the program: being member of the youth saving group and sexual reproductive health and rights group and a training in work readiness.

In the saving group she took once a small loan to buy food for her family when her mother was sick and from the SRHR group she learned the importance of decision making regarding her life and the right choice with the partner.

Jean Bosco Mutanguha, is 33 years old. He is living with his wife and three children in Remera sector, Musanze district.

One year after his marriage, a conflict arose between him and his wife, Maria. Jean Bosco’s perception was that he is the only decision maker in his household while his wife has not a word to say as she was not generating income. He used to come home late every night, he kept drinking until midnight and came home in a very bad mood, threatening everybody. He did not support his household financially as they had no value for him. After few years, he ended up leaving his wife seeking for another wife who is capable to take better care for him.

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